Complete Caramel-Filled Bonbons Kit Recipe Kit

Complete Caramel-Filled Bonbon Baking Kit

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A complete kit that will teach you to temper your own chocolate, make homemade caramel and fill a chocolate mold!

Kit includes:

- belgian couverture chocolate
- shelf-stable ingredients for caramel recipe
- recipe card
- polycarbonate diamond-shaped chocolate mold
- piping bags

You will also have access to an online demo of the recipe, to support you on your chocolate-making journey!

    Refrigerated ingredients required:
    - heavy cream
    - butter

    Tools required: 
    - Microwave
    - thermometer
    - heavy-bottomed saucepan
    - Microwave-safe plastic bowl
    - Rubber or Silicone spatula
    - Bench scraper (recommended)

    Yield: 21 Bonbons



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